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Yamamoto Takeshi. He is full of surprises; Mostly dense, but can be serious if need be. In his mind, everything is a game, like the Mafia. He is loyal to Vongola and very protective, especially toward people of importance.

Ten years. A scar marks his chin, he grew taller,  with a broad chest.  He wasn't just that adorable middle-schooler anymore. He became a handsome devil with tricks up his sleeve. Mafia is not a thing to laugh about anymore.  He's been gone for days, weeks, even months for a mission. All to protect Vongola. All to protect his girlfriend, alone in the big house they share. He's still surprised how long she has put up with him, since high school.

[Name] wipes her tears away, the smell of onion stinging her [e/c] eyes. The smell of chicken noodle soup filled the kitchen, perfect for a cold winter's evening. She smiled, excited that her lover will be home in your arms in a few days, as she added the noodles. Happily humming, she continued on.

Takeshi chuckled to himself as he reached the door of his house, imagining the look that will be painted on his cute girl's face. He pouted at the thought of of her already in bed, sleeping off the busy day.

He quietly entered the house, making sure the wooden floor stayed dormant from squeaking. A dim light reflected into the hall followed by the lovely, familiar voice. Oh how he'd love to hear that voice scream his name once more in the bedro- He mentally punched himself and grunted for thinking such dirty thoughts. It wasn't his fault he's been gone for 3 months. Damn missions...Besides, he has other plans of his own.

Following the sound, the said man stood at the doorway of the kitchen. There she was, singing to the lyrics spitting out of the radio while moving her hips as she turned off the stove, preparing for her dinner. Takeshi's eye wandered her t-shirt-pajama-clad body, mainly lingering at her hips. He shook his head from those thoughts flooding back into his mind.

He silently made his way to her, wrapping his strong arms around her small waist as he pressed his contradicting, warm lips on her cold neck.

"T-Takeshi?!" [Name] gasped, almost spilling the soup she was serving for herself. "W-What are y-you doing here?!" She moaned as the Rain Guardian continues sucking on her neck.

He buries his face into her shoulder, inhaling her scent. His  hair brushes her neck, causing her to giggle.  "I missed you so much," he murmured.

"Me to-"

"Let's play a game!"

Her eyes were met with the black cloth of his tie tied around her head. She felt her hand being pulled by his as a signal to follow.

"Wait! I still haven't had my soup!" Her only response was a chuckle as she blindly followed him. "This isn't just some ploy to have kinky sex with you, is it?"

She squeaked as she suddenly felt herself being lifted, her arms wrapping tightly around the broad man's neck.

"Maybe!" He playful nipped her ear. [Name] groaned. She just wanted her soup, though she wondered what Takeshi had in mind.

She butt met a soft cushion. The atmosphere felt familiar; The bedroom. Still blind folded, a blush stained her cheeks as she heard rustling near by.

"Takeshi," she groaned, "what are you doing?"

"You'll see~"

She felt a presence in front of her. The tie around her head slipped off only for her to blush a million shades of red; Her mind trying to stay conscious for the scene about to unfold.

There he was. Yamamoto Takeshi. A knee on the floor beneath their toes. His hands opening a dark velvet box containing a gorgeous ring that reflect the eyes of his one and only true love.

"[Full Name]...." The said girl met his beautiful, carmel eyes on his handsome face.

"Will you marry me?"

Words couldn't form from her mouth. So many surprises in one night, she swear she thought she was dreaming.

[Name] tackled him to the floor--a grunt from him--wrapping her arms around him once more, smothering him with kisses.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she exclaimed between each kiss.

She finally sat up, straddling his waist. Takeshi took her hand and slipped on the ring.

"I love you," his hand caught the back of her head, pulling her down for a heated kiss. "I love you so much," he said huskily against her plump lips.

[Name] felt something poking between her thighs. She smirked into the kiss. "I love you too," she broke away, stood up, and headed towards the door, "but, I have dinner waiting for me. Bye~"

Something is up with my mind.
Took this from my Quizillia account again~

I'll admit, Takeshi is hard to write for...
I apologize if he's OOC.
Still love him anyway :3

Any favorite characters from KHR?
Picture: [link]

I DO NOT own KHR. Plot is mine.
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cutie18 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Aww don't worry Takeshi, you'll be my dessert soon *le wink*
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So adorable! 
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Very cute!
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This was so cute :-)
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